ella’s voice softly
swaying, only one shadow
on the bedroom wall

🙂 a solution for the blue monday every day in all of us…

winter’s Rorschach

grey sky, charcoal limbs
kinetic inkblots flexing
measuring my mood

the 13th

faint moon light
sketching dark shapes
across curve of hip-
the window panes
a ladder…
shall I dare slip beneath

below zero

heated words spewing
flash-frozen clouds of vitrol
visible between




beyond the light
two silhouettes

the gap between
narrowing until

only a breath apart

a corona surrounds
your inkblot face

lips brush
my eyelids shut

protecting from the burn



your callused finger
traces faint patterns in the stars
across blackened sky…
finding Cassiopeia
in the freckles on my skin

Regretfully yours,

The note read,

“I’m sorry.”

I found

your white sock

tucked into a ball


underneath my bed

last night-

I had already

thrown the mate


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