Stretching the boundaries

Frosted window pane —
Tracing the constellations
on your bare shoulder


green lawn blanketed

with red maple, yellow oak

leaves blowing gently

acorns liberally sprinkled

until gathered by the squirrels


Moon’s face peeks shyly

Around fog colored curtains

Hesitant to shine

Tanka 7.4

on horizon’s edge
night trails her fingertip
painting it scarlet
lowering the windowshade
as she kisses earth goodnight

Tanka 6.27

The moonlight spills through

my bedroom window, highlights

the curve of your spine

as you curl away from me

drifting softly into sleep

Haiku 6.15

yellow pollen coats

your side of the red porch swing

where we’d sit at night

Haiku 6.4

Through the open door

the buzz from a bumblebee

resonates throughout

Haiku 5.30

wood smoke and lilac

waft across the fresh cut lawn

slowly the night falls

even words have shape to them

We stretch out in parallel lines

I’m watching your lips

moving as you speak

cirvle, oval, line


geometric shapes

on the hollow of your shoulder

square, rhombus, half moon

to the cadence of your voice


moments reach out like hyperbola

and what I sketch

veers from curves into cartioid


your words slide tangentially

into the open space

mapped out beside my heart

Haiku 5.26

the night presses close

crickets outside my window

grass damp from the dew

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