Mass of choice

From Johnny Crabcakes and others’ challenge:

I feel the velvety weight


it anchors salty eyelashes to my cheeks

the sharp weighty jaggedness

of jangled thoughts

rushing through my head

trying to escape.

the heaviness of moonlight

tracking across the back of my hand

pressing deeply

into our memory foam mattress.

The weight of air


My lungs fill.



Rising and falling.

a fingertip away

the cold, unwrinkled pillowcase

is exponentially weightier

as each breath diffuses into the night.



your every moment
restricted by surroundings

Pondering 1/13/22

Below the surface
a myriad of thoughts swirl
leaving words unsaid

resonate – Tanka 1/9/22

guitar strings vibrate
callused fingertips sliding,
pressed to the fretboard

eyes closed, I feel your gaze stroke
the curve of my bottom lip

Haiku 11/6

against the deep blue
the faint twinkle of three stars
shine bright in the night

Tanka on Tuesday 10/26/21

three grey squirrels scamper

through mounds of golden oak leaves

cheeks stuffed full of seeds

acorn caps strewn carelessly

preparations for winter

Something simmering

chili simmering

outside leaves blanket the grass

Coltrane plays softly

my head rests on your shoulder

we sway then dip for a kiss

Tanka on Tuesday

Chilled northern wind gusts

STripping brown leaves from tree limbs

To blanket the grass

Gossamer milkweed seeds rise

Holding coat-tails of the wind

Haiku – summer music

the western breeze stirs
a windchime arpeggio
in the key of C

Haiku 5.19

breath on my shoulder
dawn sneaks past the window blinds
I lay motionless

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