reading subliminal meanings

Separate hands curled around
the comfort of steamy coffee
hidden in thick, white porcelain mugs,
brief touches over sugar packets-
the curve of your smile.
We spoke of the sandhill cranes,
their mating dance,
the awkward beauty
of strutting, stretching, arching –
the lake edged with sand.
I watched your red tongue’s tip
flashing between white teeth,
mouthing words I do not hear,
only your lips slow dancing-
until the coffees are cold.
And alone,
I walk home in the dark.
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much like the snow man

You’ve lived here
most all of your life.

But still feel a stranger.

You said,

“I think they
are afraid of me,
don’t understand me.”

I agreed.

“They think
you are different
than those who live here,
have always lived here,
even if they once
lived somewhere else.”

You’ve been frozen,
and it is cold here…
but you haven’t been
their kind of cold
long enough.

Fighting under blankets

midnight sky fading
frost billows with every breath
snow squeaks underfoot

like old bed springs
we played long into the night
when we were both young

now I am Israel
and you Palestine, a war
always imminent

we cling steadfastly
in sleep to mattress edges
giving up no land

holding on by principle
the whys nearly forgotten

More fireflies

another set of takes on the image from the other night…

along the treeline
thirty-six fireflies blink
lazily lit neon signs
advertisements for their wares


blanketing the lawn
a fist full of fireflies
fallen shooting stars

wall flowers

fireflies hover
along the dark wooded edge
beckon silently


out the frosted window

little black seeds
haphazardly strewn
on slick, sun-shined ice
tiny chickadees
black caps bobbing

After a long winter

seventeen outside
roads bare for first time in months
feels almost like spring

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