The orange kitten
Stares intently at the moth
Outside crickets chirp


the night deepens

fireflies circle, searching

for the perfect one


sometime after dusk

car lights pull in the driveway

late returning home


the kitchen light

diffuses across the lawn

welcoming the night


eyelashes gilded

by the night light’s faint glow

boneless in her sleep


the neighbor’s rooster

wakes me well before the dawn

chicken soup for lunch


outside the window

moth wings beat upon the glass

hungering for light


masked bandit rattles

garbage cans looking for snacks

the toad hops away


I lie awake

in the middle of the night –

listen to you breathe


the full moon hovers

just above the horizon

kissing trees goodnight


soft as a moth wing

your goodbye kiss brushes

across my forehead


haiku in sapphire

Night glows sapphire

Casting shadows on the lawn

Climbing harvest moon

Sapphire earrings

Swing forward against her cheek

Lowers eyelashes

Sapphire eyes shine

Hair spread across the pillow

Flush creeps up her neck

Sapphire panties

Slide slowly along her skin

Drop onto the floor

The next morning brings

Sunbeams across your cheekbones

Shadows on your face

The sapphire dress

Slips quickly over your skin

Lips coated red gloss

Sapphire eyes meet

A last glimpse through closing door

Heeltaps down the hall

scaredy dog?

thunder cracks, rumbles

lightning illuminating

dog crawls in my lap

heated haiku

my iced tea glass sweats

onto the kitchen table

heat melting ice bones


stepping out the door –

august heat flattens my curls

summer flat iron


sunbathing on grass

watching eleven black ants

march across my hand


your heated lips press

along the nape of my neck

soft breathing quickens


the fan barely turns

the air close in august heat

your hand warmer yet


tongue paints silver

highlighting curves of my hip

before delving deep



dominion of a dream

Some time after midnight

when my eyes are heavy,

body limp,

sated with sleep,

I drift into the neutral zone–

the dip in the mattress

where neither of us coexist.


I trespass

on your territory–


searching for your

touch, willing you

to invade

my personal space,

stoke the internal furnace,

add fuel to my fire.


But you turn

deep inĀ  sleep–

move away to a cooler

place where

nothing is asked for,


expected in return.


And so I slide back

to my empty edge,

the desolate pillow,

and tuck away my loneliness,

’til I fall back asleep,

and dream again.

preface to a kiss

lips slicked with red gloss

pink tongue slides in front of teeth

a seductive smile


lips on my cheekbone

guitar playing D minor

exchange tender smiles


my face tipped to yours

anticipating first kiss

our breathless lips part

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