negative space

I remembered
how I loved you.

a glimpse
of someone –
the same curve
to her jaw,
the same sheen
to her skin

washing over –
waves belonging
only to the ocean
out curves
along shore

hollowed spaces
soon unnoticed
unless you remember
what went there


more obligations

deeper, lapping overhead

shortening my breath

responsibilities wrap

around temples like a vice

I dream you…

inspired by a post by the Bard of Liminga

I dream you
wrapped in morning light,
gauzy rosiness
painting your alabaster blush,
highlighting curves,
casting undersides
of your lashes,
your neck,
your breasts
to charcoal shadows.

I dwell in the darkness,
your muskiness,
my dreams scented
with secret hollows,
hallowed places,
and your face
the light eclipsed
as our lips hover
in the sacred space
before a kiss.

musings of a modern day coveter

On the bus,
I watched her

bite into a smooth, green
apple, face contorting.
A smile,
the juice glistening
on her chin

beside the shiny,
red lip gloss.
Her delicate jaw bone
moved up and down

chewing the bite,
swallowing –
myself transfixed
by each muscle,
the tiny movements
of flexing, tightening

under the translucent
skin of her face.


The sound of teeth
slicing through
crisp, firm flesh
echoed in the bus

doors closing behind.
Uneaten core dropped
metal garbage can,
she walked,

green heels
moving up and down
to the stairs,
on with her life.

I ponder
my uneaten apple
and envy
her strength.

the calm

Sunlight spills over
the horizon’s darkened edge;
A hawk dives for prey.

scarlet morning sky
reflects in a mud puddle
Sandy’s aftermath


three month old roses

still lingering in their vase

brown withered petals

their remnants on the table

illusions that we exist

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