Washing your hands clean

My response to my challenge, mud, old shoes, and toilet paper. ๐Ÿ™‚

Us, skinny-dipping
in the old Quarry pond
water green from algae
old sneakers left ashore

building castles
in the dirty sand
out of rocks
toilet paper tubes
the house we’d
some day live in

your eyes bright
over top of your Ray Bans
water well over your head
begging me
to not take you under
to never let you go

you scrawled
‘I love you’
across my stomach
in cold river mud
while July’s sun
baked it dry

sometimes I
search my skin
for remainders
of words written in mud
still unbelieving
that love could
so simply wash away

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. johnnycrabcakes
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 01:13:56

    sweet and sad and lovely….


  2. redrustblue
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 02:29:15

    This is brilliantly creative. Aces.


  3. m lewis redford
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 14:23:13

    a beautiful novel


  4. wisejourney
    Dec 11, 2012 @ 16:43:01

    Lovely imagery and poignant ending


  5. ericmvogt
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 15:54:46

    That was a wonderful poem, Mims. ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. Paresh
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 09:01:21

    evocative and poignant..


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