tea for one

she reads the leaves
surviving in her cup
before washing them away –
finding solace
in ancient rituals

early spring

lavender tulips
manhandle the new-fallen snow
pushing to the top

warm winds awaken
sun yellow dandelions
surrounded by snow

The prompt from carpe diem haiku today is early blossom.

timeless charm

her shaking hand
strokes well-worn
satin edges of her gown
of wearing it for him

Title IX in heaven?

Why didn’t god give angels
genitalia, cocks and breasts
with which to fill out
their glistening white robes?

Was he worried
that a penis would breed
envy? Breasts correlating to wanton
angels lusting over more
than the honor of rejoicing?
All trembling in his presence
from more than just praise?

Or was the intent
that body parts,
however engrossing,
not be a status symbol,
their absence leveling-
a eunuch society
where peerless qualities,
unparalleled virtues
are paramount.

one has to consider,
He came to earth

as a perfect man.

akin the angels,
he is missing something
as well.

the tanager

in late  afternoon
the still snow-covered garden
remembers its song

carpe diem – birdsong

essence – a gogyohka

your lips
on my neck
brushing aside wayward hairs
to taste
hidden skin

yearning – a monostich

Testing out new forms – thanks to introduction and inspiration from Old Broke Bones.

days spent remembering each freckles’ golden honeyed taste

inspired by shiki – carpe diem

under the wolf moon
barn owl swoops – talons outstretched-
mouse darts too slowly




congressional snow men

watching lives trickle away
while frozen in place

children (carpe diem)

three children conspire
to build civilizations
timeless, til they melt

grimy wet kisses
planted on my clean dry cheek
a timeless treasure


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