the wolf moon

under the wolf moon
stark silhouettes intersect
across clean swept snow

carpe diem haiku – eyes

youthful eyes sparkle
within their wrinkled setting
as he pulls her close

our eyes meet across
the children’s tousled heads
sharing silent smiles

the warmth of your hand
against the back of my neck
lips on my eyelids

silken lashes shield
your soul from meeting my gaze
our lips brush good night

green eyes glistening
filled with restrained emotions
as she whispers, “night”.

wise eyes remain closed
in the face of distraction
spurning siren’s song


your eyes hide behind
a cloak of black silken strands
enigma and muse

red silk party dress
your green eyes brim with sadness
I’m left to wonder

the old woman’s hand
trembles as she caresses
the ancient red silk

deer browse fallen fruit
underneath mulberry trees
while cocoons are spun

Again…hats off to Carpe Diem for the wonderful haiku prompts 🙂



Thanks to for the haiku prompts!

far in the distance
sun glints on your golden hair
across the heath fields

you bring me flowers –
stems of hand-picked purple heath –
I shyly accept

a plaid blanket spread
among billows of blue heath
secluded picnic

you tucked one flower
into my auburn tresses
before our first kiss

long ago dried stems
slowly crumbling to dust
I still remember


over shared dinners
I fed you from my chopsticks
laughing as rice fell

chopsticks inserted
in piles of your auburn hair
your neck unguarded

beneath the bamboo
our bodies crush tender shoots
perfuming the space

secret love, fast growing
as if a bamboo forest
never to blossom

you might be a song

there are notes
aching to be played,
suppressed reverberation
echoing latently
throughout the night

and a song
wanting to be heard
teasing at the edges
of my consciousness.

I leave words
on a tension wire,
in the space between us

because you might be
the lyrics
continuously in my mind
but never forgotten.

Crape Diem …

only a tie rod,
water pump and heater core.
I’ve money to spare. :\

(does a eh face count as a syllable?)


You wait.

Lips stained red,
sheer sheen
of the dress

fingers stilled
on silk ribbon drawing close
soft gathers
demurely at the neck.

Amber eyes
delve deeply,

for fantasies
taking refuge beneath
serenely porcelain facade.

A heartbeat
my hand hovers

before pulling loose
the bow,
pooling the cloth
around bare feet.


the happiness found in a glass half full

As much as
you wish to lay bare to me
the chording of your heart,
you hold it close
for only you to hear.

Late at night
you sit alone by the fire
strumming as if
possessed by
heaven’s demons,
callouses sliding
smoothly on the strings

and at twilight
softly singing solo
descant over the notes,
harmonizing companionless,
blissfully unaware
of my symphony
waiting for you to play.

Remnants of flavor exist
in dregs left in the cup.
I curl in my corner
to watch, listen,
to glean scraps of joy.

Title is transient still. Haven’t figured out what it really is saying 🙂

Haiku 1.9

Dawn pettily creeps
through my window each morning
stealing precious sleep

my eyelids sewn shut
with remnants of vivid dreams
struggle to be free

last valiant effort
seizing the magic potion
I finally wake up

🙂 it’s an IV the coffee morning!

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