over your shoulder

They say hindsight is 20/20.
Like looking at something in the past
magically makes
all your mistakes cleaner,
like scrubbing away the emotional messes
with a stiff brush and some Clorox.

Looking behind perhaps
you see paths
that might have been chosen –
or realize that the exit is now
completely hidden
by brush and billboards advertising
insurance on life, or lasiks,

leaves you stranded, gasless
in a desert surrounded by cacti,
collecting bones bleached by the sun-
remnants of unwise tangents drawn,
consequences spontaneously
breathing a life of their own,
until you see only to the horizon’s edge,
highway’s lines converging
to one single point.

Maybe they are right –
life is just a series of parallel universes
and nary a pillar of salt,
each choice peeling off another reality
until you are paper thin,
no substance,
never embracing your destiny;
never owning your past.


14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jae Lei Nyght
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 23:38:41

    Beautiful . . . the way your words ebb and flow, truly poetic and insightful.
    Thank you.


  2. johncoyote
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 23:45:00

    “never embracing your destiny;
    never owning your past.”
    I like the logic. Live for today. No promise tomorrow is coming. Powerful poetry led reader into thoughts to ponder. Thank you.


  3. simonhlilly
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 09:58:46

    I read the parallel universe’s version first, went back to it, but it had vanished. Life imitates art.


    • Whimsy Mimsy
      Feb 21, 2013 @ 12:12:53

      I write on my phone a lot. For some reason with the new wp update, it doesn’t let me save it to draft that I can find on my laptop. Lol so I had to publish and the go edit – it was kind of long at first and rambling I thought. Did you like that better? I may have a version still in draft. 🙂


  4. jenlefeverwood
    Feb 22, 2013 @ 02:23:06

    Wow, this is so real Miss Whimsy!! I believe that more people have felt this than they want to admit, or can recognize. I relate to this from when I was in active addiction.. very good..


  5. agjorgenson
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 04:14:35

    Love this… especially the third verse with bones pushing up against tangents.


  6. Sharmishtha Basu
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 12:11:22

    very touching!


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