remembered rituals

plain white bread toasted
spread to the edges with jam
dunked in hot black tea

Mercurochrome spread
quickly over knees scraped raw
the hurt blown away

grilled cheese triangles
tomato soup made with milk
and oyster crackers

respecting elders
always saying I love you
flowers on your grave

Intangible photographs

Last year, about this time, Phill backed up my words with some music. 🙂

intangible photographs

Grainy even in my mind
a side-shot of you
blurred edges
brilliant eyes hidden in shadow
the heavy metal
we counted as love song
rocks on silently.

Truck door’s bass slams,
engine guns
and dirty gravel rimshots pepper feet,
leaving clear imprints
of where you once were
and where you will no longer be…

Rock music blares-
three chord progression in E —
resolutely marching on through chord changes.
The many voices once raised in the refrain
peter away
leaving only my thin wavering voice
to carry on the melody and finish out the song.

(another link in case the other isn’t working – intangible photographs )

Thanks for listening.


spoken – taste of the ocean

spoken – no hablo espanol

taste of the ocean

as the rain ends
the earth offers up
its rich, loamy breath

mantled by darkness
I lay awake
breathing in its scent

as you lay beside me
bonelessly dreaming
and I wish for the ocean

the wind becomes the sound
of waves crashing, I taste
my tears salty as the sea.

Thanks, Phill, for the inspiration! To read his – click here

no hablo español

Say you love me
only ever in Spanish,
so when you have gone
I can pretend
that I simply misunderstood


the brilliant sunshine
is small comfort
with bitter winds
biting at my ankles
and too long til spring


the milkweed have gone
to seed, leaving naught but husk
to dry and wither
holding tightly still to stem
waiting desperately for spring

Inspired by


the light from the window
bisects her body as she sits,
leaving her face
stranded in shadows-
separating head and heart


the silence after your snoring stops is louder still


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