and I thought of you

the sun breaking through the morning mist
gilded the mountaintop
much like the moonlight dusted
your cheekbones liquid silver
the last time we kissed


fine flakes swirl around
brown rabbit frozen mid chew
wind ruffling his fur

(Hopefully the last) winter haiku

Distant blue hilltops
Dusted with snow
Trees budding

Oak tree branches
Western sides painted white
Stand naked in snow

Maples tapped
Kettles sweetly boil
Standing in the snow

Daffodils refuse
To open burgeoning buds
Blanketed with snow


snow mantled pine trees
shake off winter’s heavy coat
startled, three deer bolt

Playing with haiku with my friend, Phill


Sullen birds

one last summer day
cold wind under low black clouds
sullen birds gone quiet

crows on the wire
wind swinging them silently
summer has ended

leaves spiraling gently down
to race along the river

faded petals drift
swirling in muddy eddies
unwilling to go

water, gurgling over the falls
upstream – reluctant to come

Thin ice, translucent,
Wends along brown river banks
Beneath water flows

ancient trees drink long of the flood
willow fronds caress the waves

where once the sun blazed,
shaded beneath the willow
we slaked our fierce thirsts

Here is the original text from comments off the original haiku on his blog…I just “stole them” from his pages to have a copy of my own.  Phill is a true master of many arts, and a dear friend. You should check out his plethora of work!

His are bolded, and mine are italicized … the formatting I was trying to do was way too difficult.

on facades and frostiness

I walk the trails tonight
solitarily skirting the shadows
smeared across the last desperate
remnants of winter clinging

along the edges of the woods.
The traces of trees and setting sun
carve dusky blue, cobalt grey
hollows into smooth snowbanks

crunching heartily under each step.
Every crisp footfall echoes
back a sharp reminder
of the coldness outside

and the long walk back
to the coldness within.

Group challenge – prompt kind o thing

Ok – here we go!!! Ready to break free of that winter stagnation and get down and write?

Use these following words (in any form) in some kind of poem – format determined by you…


Words were chosen by this site – I selected the 3rd, 5th, and 8th word (noun, verb,adjective)

The theme is (of course) make it sensual, romantic, or both…

Bonus points to the challenge – record your version.  I would like permission to make some kind of audio mashup of the poems once they are done. 🙂


dawn waits with bated breath
for morning’s kiss to lower
onto her tender upturned lips

It is the infinitesimal space
as your mouth is descending slowly
the hesitation before brushing ever so softly
against mine

the heartbeat that stretches
pregnant with the weighty hush
of expectation
protracting moments with its potential

like the heaviness of night’s footsteps
as he slips from evening’s bed
leaving behind her blushing skies
to face the day alone


dawn is still sleeping –
the world tucked away
beyond the outermost reaches
of reality’s fingertips

with last vestiges of dreams
lingering on your lips
you turn to me,
body paralleling mine,
two concentric curves,
lovers traveling together
in the same direction

your warm breath on my neck
bridges night’s barriers
pulling me across
the lonely twilight hours
into the morning sun

a july evening

you first kissed me
in front of the porch light
our entwined shadows stretching
far into the gloaming
where the fireflies twinkled


Thanks Bard for the shadows

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