On you, being my singularity

scientists have said
black holes exist within our
universe, where time

coexists and gravity
absconds with all light.

early morning, your
skin so luminous, my heart
slows time between beats;

vision narrowing
to the darkness of your eyes –
I am hurdling the

event horizon,
forever falling into you

Johnny Crabcakes “Moon bones” Inspired by something in that first stanza…not sure exactly what, but his poem is WELL worth reading!

PS I know the last line is too many syllables. Oh well. 🙂 I didn’t like it the other way that fit. LOL

16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. billgncs
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 22:42:10

    some forces we can measure but in our frailty never overcome. Perhaps love transcends the rules of time and space.

    lovely words – thanks for sharing them.


  2. Whimsy Mimsy
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 23:01:20

    🙂 thanks for your thoughts…I agree. Love doesn’t abide by the mathematical rules we construct for nature. 🙂


  3. johnnycrabcakes
    Mar 10, 2013 @ 04:43:04

    So, who told you that “singularity” has been spinning around and around in my mind for a couple of weeks? Seriously. You’re almost creeping me out….
    It’s going in my WorldWideWeft…
    LOVE “gravity
    absconds with all light.”
    Love the ending. Sometimes the form fits you and sometimes you fit the form.


    • Whimsy Mimsy
      Mar 10, 2013 @ 13:44:40

      🙂 I always love physics stuff, but the thing that was playing in mine was out of your first stanza-there is a fall in to dark. It just kind of spun out from there. How do you fall forever, well if te slows. When does time slow – ohh now I’m black hole-ing this. Hmmm ok. The center, central, kinda point of all being. Singularity. Haha. So that was the end of my thought process. Ill be waiting to see where starting with it takes you!!

      And thanks. 🙂 I kinda liked that line too.


  4. simonhlilly
    Mar 10, 2013 @ 08:38:36



  5. warmginger
    Mar 12, 2013 @ 06:56:58

    I find physics sexy too. I’m my husband’s oh-so-willing remedial student. 😉

    Enjoyed the Billy Idol – but I’m too dim to get the link. Help?


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  7. Johnny Crabcakes
    Feb 02, 2018 @ 15:04:09

    Just taking a trip down memory lane……
    Thanks for this one.


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