Looking at the present

Ghost trees wrapped in mist
The path forward shrouded
Path behind erased

Awaking spring

you turn to me as
remnant vestiges of night
meld into the dawn

when the light filters
softly through the window pane
on your sleeping face

fingertips follow
warm gaze of the sun across
sloped curve of your breast

blue eyes unfocused
as muted cries urge my hand
to travel further

exploring secrets
outside daffodils in bloom

The post on Facebook’s NoPoWriMo page today said the world needs more sexy haiku 🙂 – thus a haiku sonnet. Feel free to add your own response or entire thing!


white apple blossoms
sprinkled across wet new grass
deer graze underneath


Blue dress pooled around her feet
Backlit, her face in shadow
Casting silhouettes in walls
I watch with longing


inspiration from Redamancy Lit.

I’m digging in the flowerbed
pulling dead weeds
sifting through the loamy soil
strong fingers breaking clumps
as I glory in the sun
warm on my back
stroking my hair
with heated fingers

I dig holes
plant the bulbs deep

they will bloom
after a time
standing tall, strong
amaranthine blossoms
vivid against the
cerulean horizon
and I’ll water them
with clandestine tears

I tend the garden-
your eyes blue
your shirt red-
amaranthine, my love,
even as you walk away.

haibun attempt

The huge boulder at the edge of the woods is a place of refuge – always home base during tag or hide and seek, the shelter from fiercely contested games of cowboys and Indians. It was our table, playhouse, and pirate ship-never changing. We draped across it talking about boyfriends, talking to boyfriends, planning our futures, dreaming our dreams while the boulder was our foundation: appearing to never change, even as we did.

static boulders
green moss ever creeping
dynamic still life

Spring snow

Ice on the porch rails
new green leaves silvered with frost
daffodils in bloom


like the monarch
winging her way home
to alight on a milkweed,
my wayward thoughts
somehow return to you


I hear your humming
sliding down the banister
bringing me a smile

haibun challenge – peace

It’s been raining here
all night
soft, steady
the kind of storm
made for staying in bed
listening to the tapping
on the window
curled together
finding peace
in a known world-
shutting out
the one that’s not.

within a storm
finding a piece of peace
wrapped in your arms



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