the fog lays heavy
in the hollows;
your hand on my waist
even as we sleep

haiku 5.25

frost encircling
fragile violets safely
nestled in tall grass

and thus begins summer

a cold, dark evening
clouds huddle around starlight,
the ending of May

whispering summer
lilacs mingle with your scent
as I pull you near

full moon burgeoning
silver spills across the ground
painting black shadows

of us standing close
our legs merging into one

white breath-clouds eclipsing
your face as we kiss


the effects of butterflies

their lightly feathered
wings setting into motion
a chain of events

fluttering within
butterflies in my stomach
before our first kiss

the dandelion
bending low beneath its weight
bows to the monarch

your lips on my neck
barely brushing the surface
butterfly kisses

setting chaos in motion
with the chance we met


dandelion stems
tall over newly cut grass
lawn’s evening shadow

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As we talk

Your voice
runs along the edges
of my spine, pooling
at the base deep with
descriptions of gardens,
Koi ponds,
techniques for finding magic
four-leaf clovers
for getting lucky
and for making me
fall in love with you.


tiny pale green leaves
pollen scattered on the road
Magnolias in bloom

by the look in your eyes

your words
so full of well-ripened sadness
running out like juice
over my lips from a pear


moon slivers

fading crescents
under your eyes
I watch you as you sleep

white half circle
under your thumbnail
hiding beneath your skin

two semicircles, my lips
meeting yours
forming wholes as we kiss

I would say I love you
but words are naught but
slivers of the moon

faint outlines
barely hinting at the enormity
of what is we

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