solitary confinement

alone in our beds
rooms solitary cells where
words are knocks on pipes-
heartbeats felt not heard

like Helen Keller
senses deprived
eyes closed tight
only slight glimpses
conveyed through touch

And soon,
left alone in the dark
I fingerspell lust for you
in the palm of my own hand

critiquing a relationship

this morning
dawn threw herself wantonly
across the sky

streaks of scarlet
splayed passionately
with utter abandonment

I, ever the voyeur,
behind the safety
of my window pane

attempt to capture
the moment’s essence –
a misshapen image

hinting only
at the lush interplay

like ineffectual words
spread across bed sheets
attempting to define you and me


eyes closed against me in sleep
morning sunlight through your lashes
softly sketching shadows
picket fences across the high peaks
of your cheekbones

goldenrod deeply bowing
along graveled edges
I see yellowed summer grasses
draw shadow lines across the road
behind me as I drive away