check yes or no

I write you with
purple ink
swirled hieroglyphics
for you to translate

on lined paper,
a raggedy edge
where torn from
our old half-used up

line after line after line
I fill with days 

made of letters,

tasks, mundane milestones,
inconsequential goings-on

I only hear the clock ticking
softly after 4 am
when the house is alone
and even my breaths are silent

the envelope
stuffed with empty words
stamped by the door

we used to write
love notes
in smudged pencil,
the same paper
worn grey
from our hands

I’ve grown-up
and use pen 
as I make indelible statements
even as the words
have faded away


even when
there are no birds,
every morning
she scatters day old bread
outside her back gate
spring will only bring
soggy crusts, sodden grass


three blackbirds frozen
on three pickets of a fence
orange beaks poised to caw

drawing asymptotes

one might see us
as cliche…two ships
passing in the night-
transient, non-incidental
without lasting connection,
the silent sounds of our sails
as we travel parallel paths

I am the axis and you the curve,
ink drawn lines
precisely stretching closer
towards infinity in the distance
always reaching
almost …

yet, I wonder,
how to sketch
the line thick enough
so our edges can touch.


ella’s voice softly
swaying, only one shadow
on the bedroom wall

🙂 a solution for the blue monday every day in all of us…

winter’s Rorschach

grey sky, charcoal limbs
kinetic inkblots flexing
measuring my mood

the 13th

faint moon light
sketching dark shapes
across curve of hip-
the window panes
a ladder…
shall I dare slip beneath

below zero

heated words spewing
flash-frozen clouds of vitrol
visible between




beyond the light
two silhouettes

the gap between
narrowing until

only a breath apart

a corona surrounds
your inkblot face

lips brush
my eyelids shut

protecting from the burn



your callused finger
traces faint patterns in the stars
across blackened sky…
finding Cassiopeia
in the freckles on my skin