Pondering risks and sacrifice

Some people think storms are terrifying-

the watery fists

pounding against the window,

the booming bass rumbles

suddenly shaking the floor.


I wanted to walk with you

in the storm last night–

marvel in the sweeping greyness

as the front moved through,

the power of the lightning illuminating

in flashes and crackles,

the wet coldness

sinking layers beneath sodden clothing,

feel rain against my skin.


But instead, this morning

I slipped out of bed alone to watch

the quiet aftermath of water

trickling softly along the edges of the street,

puddling, waiting just a moment,

before slipping into grated drains

whisking it all away.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. simonhlilly
    Mar 29, 2020 @ 16:49:46



    • Whimsy Mimsy
      Mar 29, 2020 @ 16:58:01

      How are you holding up?


      • simonhlilly
        Mar 29, 2020 @ 17:24:46

        So far fine. We are along way out of towns. Lockdown is pretty much our usual, being self-employed. At the moment still a little bit of work coming in. But its only the first week of isolation yet. People are still wondering if all the fuss is worth it, even as the dying sheds are being set up in the big cities. Big change is not something humans take to very well – rather bizarre as we are nothing if not creatures of imagination!


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