Haiku 4.30

smooth crystal raindrops

strung along spiderweb strands

reflecting blue sky

Tanka 4.29

warm bread freshly baked

the earth just after spring rains

clothes dried in the sun

a bush laden with lilacs

my sheets still smelling like you

Haiku 4.29

stormy percussion

rimshots against the window

thunder’s low bass drum

your cartography

the sun slips past the shade

to paint planes of light and shadow

across sleeping face.


fingertips, a protractor

measuring angles of jawline

of cheekbone

of curve under bottom lip


while navigating blindly

the labyrinth of heart

Haiku 4.27

the sun on my face

warm breeze flutters the new leaves

ants in the kitchen

Haiku 4.26

crows on a wire

sitting a wingspan apart

social distancing

Haiku 4.25

I slipped out last night

scanning skies for shooting stars

nature’s promises

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