Haiku 5.30

wood smoke and lilac

waft across the fresh cut lawn

slowly the night falls

even words have shape to them

We stretch out in parallel lines

I’m watching your lips

moving as you speak

cirvle, oval, line


geometric shapes

on the hollow of your shoulder

square, rhombus, half moon

to the cadence of your voice


moments reach out like hyperbola

and what I sketch

veers from curves into cartioid


your words slide tangentially

into the open space

mapped out beside my heart


Haiku 5.26

the night presses close

crickets outside my window

grass damp from the dew

Tanka for memorial day

far away thunder

fat drops splatting on pavement

wisps of steam rising

billowing flags at half mast

taps echoes through the valley

500 year storm

flood water rising

eating at the riverbanks

large bites of the shore

old pathways for all crumble

forcing change on everyone

Aside to Are We In This Together | Poetry Interlude

Yesterday I wrote a short tanka response to a lovely poem by Jay Bleu.


Like waves on the shore

our juxtapositioning


magically weave together

vanilla and tobacco

Senyru 5.21

Reposted from a comment to Jay Bleu’s response to the senyru yesterday

feeling young romance

even more intensely as

the body grows old

Senyru 5.20.20

while washing dishes

we reach for the same tea towel

your arm brushing mine

Night music

The rain whispers

against the windows

brushes on a high hat

fingertips on my skin


your arm boneless

heavy across my chest

anchoring me to the mattress, you


I listen sleeplessly

to the music of your soft breaths

humming of murmured words

until your chest rising and falling

rocks me back to sleep.

Haiku 5.17

heat turned off – it’s May

burrowed under the blankets

frost across the lawn

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