Haiku 5.16

three blue robin’s eggs

nestled in a small brown nest

the mama squawking

Haiku on Friday 5.15

black birds huddling

tilting heads and chattering

neighborhood gossips

Is a sunset the light escaping?

The sun dipped

below the horizon’s edge

at 8:51 pm

without a trace;

no red left to quietly fade

against the grey night sky.


I was waiting for the sunset,

bravely wrapped against mosquitoes

protected against the cold.


Without the warning

of a painted sky,

I missed the fading of the sun

into the night,

later realizing

that having no expectations

didn’t lessen the black hole

remaining once you were gone.


tanka 5.13

tomatoes simmer

with basil, onions, garlic

filling the kitchen

complex depths with simple things

found in sauces, love, and you

Tanka on Tuesday 5.12

bumblebee looping

clumsily between flowers

pausing on each one

your head rests on my shoulder

I smell flowers in your hair

Haiku 5. 11

bright moon not quite full

clouds drifting across its face

the north star calls me

My first mother’s day

Thirty years ago

you cradled my belly

as we lay on the 9 patch quilt

under grandma’s apple tree,

whispering in wonder

while she pushed against your hand, my skin

and gossimer strands of spider silk

mjngled with my hair.


Tanka 5.10

You are still sleeping

lashes shadowed on your cheek

lips moving slightly

as your chest rises and falls

sunlight dappling tanned skin

Haiku on Friday 5.8

slipping between sheets

scented of afternoon sun

smooth against a burn


your warm lips brushing

across even warmer skin

ever so gently


even in the dark

as you turn into my kiss

your smile shines brightly

Haiku 5.7

sheets snap as they wave

in the freshly-cut grass breeze

goosebumps on your skin

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