Thinking of pi

Irrationally, I thought about pi today:

How it stretches out infinitely,

refusing to be compartmentalized.


It wove in and out of my thoughts

while I unpacked

single servings of groceries and

scrubbed only my dirty footprints

out of the bottom of the tub.


The concentric circles reached out

from the pebbles you dropped

from the bridge apex,

propagating endlessly into the cattails

surrounding the waters edge.


You watch them

as I walk alone the trail

circumscribing the perimeter

until it overlaps, a Möbius strip,

and the pathway leads back to you.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. little learner
    Apr 07, 2021 @ 20:02:40

    I adore this poem! I love the way you weave mathematics beautifully through the piece, just the way in which it daily surrounds us.


  2. sustainabilitea
    Apr 08, 2021 @ 00:26:46

    Wrapping math into life (where it always is anyway.) Well done.



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