Haiku 4.20

one last scarlet streak
tangent to the horizon
intersects the grey

Haiku 4.19.21

nestled in the grass
seven tiny violets
hiding from the sun

Tanka 4.18.21

nearly 2 am
your fingertips trickling
alongside my spine
a low rumble of thunder
rain taps against the window

Haiku 4.17.21

spiderweb of veins

silvered underside of leaf

the back of my hand

Haiku 4.16.21

The evening sun slips
behind the yet leafless trees
shadow silhouettes

Haiku 4.15

robins congregate

along the mud puddle’s edge

fluffing damp feathers


my feet pedaling
in midair
without contact

Haiku 4.14

cold spring morning rain

drenching yellow daffodils

bees left pollenless

Haiku 9 4.13

I spent the morning

Wondering if the earth spins

From flat bottomed clouds

Haiku 8 4.12

as dawn fades quickly
a songbird cacophony
dueling serenades

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