haibun attempt

The huge boulder at the edge of the woods is a place of refuge – always home base during tag or hide and seek, the shelter from fiercely contested games of cowboys and Indians. It was our table, playhouse, and pirate ship-never changing. We draped across it talking about boyfriends, talking to boyfriends, planning our futures, dreaming our dreams while the boulder was our foundation: appearing to never change, even as we did.

static boulders
green moss ever creeping
dynamic still life

the haibun challenge – well-aged

Trying the haibun challenge


white blossoms cascade
across her freckled shoulders
as she waits for him
every evening
under the apple trees

he trudges wearily
zig-zagging down the pathway
dirt crusted hands
cradling straggling daisys
picked just for her

the old vine
still bears grapes
just as sweet