Pondering 1/13/22

Below the surface
a myriad of thoughts swirl
leaving words unsaid

Haiku 4.23.21

temperature dropping
three pine trees silhouetted
against the pale sky

Haiku #3

apricot backdrop

cloud fingers beckon the night

enticing darkness

Stretching the boundaries

Frosted window pane —
Tracing the constellations
on your bare shoulder


Moon’s face peeks shyly

Around fog colored curtains

Hesitant to shine

Haiku on Friday 5.15

black birds huddling

tilting heads and chattering

neighborhood gossips

Haiku on Friday 5.8

slipping between sheets

scented of afternoon sun

smooth against a burn


your warm lips brushing

across even warmer skin

ever so gently


even in the dark

as you turn into my kiss

your smile shines brightly

Haiku 5.1

pouncing on a worm

the robin pulls heartily

to serve up breakfast

reminiscent deux

just after the dawn
a sliver of moon still hung
above the pine tree

when I saw you last
our fingers slid palm to palm
lacing together

fingertips tracing
across the plains of your face
the curve of my lip

searching in the dusk
for unspoken emotion
like Braille on your skin

the pale moon of your nail bed,
ever present scent of pine




a thick-cut slice of

freshly baked bread slathered with

my blackberry jam

I clandestinely watch your

white teeth sink into the crust



Thinking today of smells, the way they evoke emotions and connect past to present …

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