white noise

your measured breathing
humming of the cicadas
I slip into sleep

reminiscent deux

just after the dawn
a sliver of moon still hung
above the pine tree

when I saw you last
our fingers slid palm to palm
lacing together

fingertips tracing
across the plains of your face
the curve of my lip

searching in the dusk
for unspoken emotion
like Braille on your skin

the pale moon of your nail bed,
ever present scent of pine



your favorite

dusk settles over
daisies along the white fence
painting both salmon


fireflies flicker
along the edge of the bay
water reflecting light


sun casting shadows
stretching across the white sand
the bay streaked with red

what I should have said

two glasses of wine
fingertip skimming your lips
mine part to whisper


sun-faded red brick

white paint peeling from the door

a shiny brass key


sultry summer night,

I lean into your doorway-

Nina sings the blues.

silk robe slips from shoulders,

pooling softly on the floor


Triggered by Janet’s lovely photos of doors at https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2019/08/07/thursday-doors-todays-favorites/

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