I can barely see
the freckles on your shoulder
in the faint morning light
until I’m close enough to
feel your warmth against my lips


a thick-cut slice of

freshly baked bread slathered with

my blackberry jam

I clandestinely watch your

white teeth sink into the crust



Thinking today of smells, the way they evoke emotions and connect past to present …


sun-faded red brick

white paint peeling from the door

a shiny brass key


sultry summer night,

I lean into your doorway-

Nina sings the blues.

silk robe slips from shoulders,

pooling softly on the floor


Triggered by Janet’s lovely photos of doors at


cattails dawn-gilded
stretching above morning mist
rising from the bay
two dragonflies hovering
both bodies blue as your eyes


velveted petals
opening for my purview
offer a glimpse of
pale stamen thrusting upward
covered in yellow pollen

More fireflies

another set of takes on the image from the other night…

along the treeline
thirty-six fireflies blink
lazily lit neon signs
advertisements for their wares


blanketing the lawn
a fist full of fireflies
fallen shooting stars

rain tanka

dripping from the eaves
remnants of thunderous storm
in the bathroom sink
leaky faucet echoing
reminders of nature’s power

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