Tanka on Tuesday 10/26/21

three grey squirrels scamper

through mounds of golden oak leaves

cheeks stuffed full of seeds

acorn caps strewn carelessly

preparations for winter


green lawn blanketed

with red maple, yellow oak

leaves blowing gently

acorns liberally sprinkled

until gathered by the squirrels

acorn – haiku/fun-ru

🙂 A very clever prompt for a haiku … http://unfetteredbs.com/2012/12/29/re-new-haiku/#comment-6922 and more fun here http://stephenkellogg.wordpress.com/2012/12/29/acorn-haiku/

UGH Had to tanka it. 🙂 Does it count? It’s still an attempt!

I stretch – toes on the last rung
just beyond my reach
the acorn, a fat Buddha
serenely watching me sweat