building our first home – haiku

Oops. Tanka. But I don’t want to mess with the title and have it resend.

in the holly bush
outside my open window
two robins loudly
discuss the many details
of their first nest’s construction

Tanka on Tuesday 4.27.21

seventeen starlings
perched upon a single wire
just after the dawn
only yellow beaks showing
against the mottled greyness

Haiku 8 4.12

as dawn fades quickly
a songbird cacophony
dueling serenades

Tanka 3

the house finch perches

on the blackberry bramble

outside our window

dawn casts his faint shadow on

the pillow beside your face

Tanka 2

One sparrow calling
Sam peabody peabody
Across the silence
Fading of the night
Moon slips past the horizon

Haiku on Friday 5.15

black birds huddling

tilting heads and chattering

neighborhood gossips

Haiku 5.6

robin’s nest sitting

third step down on my ladder

three blue eggs inside

Haiku 4.26

crows on a wire

sitting a wingspan apart

social distancing