Is a sunset the light escaping?

The sun dipped

below the horizon’s edge

at 8:51 pm

without a trace;

no red left to quietly fade

against the grey night sky.


I was waiting for the sunset,

bravely wrapped against mosquitoes

protected against the cold.


Without the warning

of a painted sky,

I missed the fading of the sun

into the night,

later realizing

that having no expectations

didn’t lessen the black hole

remaining once you were gone.

On you, being my singularity

scientists have said
black holes exist within our
universe, where time

coexists and gravity
absconds with all light.

early morning, your
skin so luminous, my heart
slows time between beats;

vision narrowing
to the darkness of your eyes –
I am hurdling the

event horizon,
forever falling into you

Johnny Crabcakes “Moon bones” Inspired by something in that first stanza…not sure exactly what, but his poem is WELL worth reading!

PS I know the last line is too many syllables. Oh well. 🙂 I didn’t like it the other way that fit. LOL