Corona challenge collab!

Recently Johnny Crabcakes and I were reminiscing about the fun we used to have writing here. Just now Jay Bleu and I were playing with hashtags and it was so much fun.

I would like to host a weekend challenge!

In the comments post a haiku that is centered on onions (traditional or not-senyru or tanka work as well).

Reply to any haiku in the comments that gives you an idea USING A WORD OR THOUGHT FROM THAT HAIKU WITHIN YOURS but your reply doesn’t need to have onions in it!!! Then keep the chain going!

I’ll start in the comments below!

What you put on your plate

I brought you

freshly baked cookies,

again, when I saw you,

and you took them.

Thanked me.




you pushed me away

with silence and

sparse words

magnified each time

by the number of minutes

between text messages,

every hour stating

more definitively

that you can manage

alone without me.


I’m just cookies

straight from the bag,

devoured on the spot.

Empty calories,

not worth the trade-off

of the other choices you picked

to fill up your plate.


Suggestion for a prompt from a friend…write about love and the subject line of the third junk mail in your inbox. :-). It was “stop filling your plate with empty calories’.

Group challenge – prompt kind o thing

Ok – here we go!!! Ready to break free of that winter stagnation and get down and write?

Use these following words (in any form) in some kind of poem – format determined by you…


Words were chosen by this site – I selected the 3rd, 5th, and 8th word (noun, verb,adjective)

The theme is (of course) make it sensual, romantic, or both…

Bonus points to the challenge – record your version.  I would like permission to make some kind of audio mashup of the poems once they are done. 🙂

acorn – haiku/fun-ru

🙂 A very clever prompt for a haiku … and more fun here

UGH Had to tanka it. 🙂 Does it count? It’s still an attempt!

I stretch – toes on the last rung
just beyond my reach
the acorn, a fat Buddha
serenely watching me sweat