Haiku 5.19

breath on my shoulder
dawn sneaks past the window blinds
I lay motionless

5.9 tanka

through broken mini blinds
dawn splashes on the pillow
highlighting cheekbones
the tips of your eyelashes
golden in the early sun

Tanka on Tuesday 4.27.21

seventeen starlings
perched upon a single wire
just after the dawn
only yellow beaks showing
against the mottled greyness

Tanka 3

the house finch perches

on the blackberry bramble

outside our window

dawn casts his faint shadow on

the pillow beside your face

critiquing a relationship

this morning
dawn threw herself wantonly
across the sky

streaks of scarlet
splayed passionately
with utter abandonment

I, ever the voyeur,
behind the safety
of my window pane

attempt to capture
the moment’s essence –
a misshapen image

hinting only
at the lush interplay

like ineffectual words
spread across bed sheets
attempting to define you and me


dawn is still sleeping –
the world tucked away
beyond the outermost reaches
of reality’s fingertips

with last vestiges of dreams
lingering on your lips
you turn to me,
body paralleling mine,
two concentric curves,
lovers traveling together
in the same direction

your warm breath on my neck
bridges night’s barriers
pulling me across
the lonely twilight hours
into the morning sun

Haiku 1.9

Dawn pettily creeps
through my window each morning
stealing precious sleep

my eyelids sewn shut
with remnants of vivid dreams
struggle to be free

last valiant effort
seizing the magic potion
I finally wake up

🙂 it’s an IV the coffee morning!