campfire smoke
wafts across my face –
gazing pensively into the fire
wishing for the one
who taught me to burn


fresh bread buttered,
sliver of cheese, apple sliced
overlapping lip prints
aligned on one wine glass

in front of the crisp fire
faces flushed from heat
your hand slips under
hair heavy on my neck

eyelashes draw charcoal shadows
across the curves of my cheeks
sectioning them into sliced apples
waiting for you to bite.

metaphors and similies

To me, you are

warm rain
sweeping through
the barren desert

a fine mist seeping
into freshly turned
rich dark earth

fine chocolate
melting on my tongue
decadent and indulgent

the fire well stoked
hot in the early hours
of a bitterly cold morn

kisses brushed
softly across
the nape of my neck

tiny dust motes
basking golden in the sun
when before
they had passed unnoticed

like these moments,
I love you