outside my window

two robins building a nest

squirrel runs down the tree

Waiting on a rainbow

It’s a dreary day

grey clouds, no sun, cold rain, and

not a word from you

connecting dots

dawn slips through open

window blinds, painting stripes on

your sunburned shoulder


skin warm against me

I trace the shadowed outlines

of your collarbone


before gliding down

shallow valley of your spine

skin raised in goosebumps


fingertips lightly

drawing Cassiopeia

along your hip’s curve


your freckled constellations

the North Star guiding me home


sunlight streaming through

blue sky baking me into

a delightful crisp

can I have a bite?

one crow hops sideways

edging close to the robin

eying up her worm

finding a backbone

Leaning into you

your hand travels down my spine

strengthens my resolve


rain tapping windows

tree limbs’ shadows on the wall

your breath down my spine

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