Moon’s face peeks shyly

Around fog colored curtains

Hesitant to shine

Haiku 6.15

yellow pollen coats

your side of the red porch swing

where we’d sit at night

Haiku 6.4

Through the open door

the buzz from a bumblebee

resonates throughout

Haiku 5.30

wood smoke and lilac

waft across the fresh cut lawn

slowly the night falls

Senyru 5.21

Reposted from a comment to Jay Bleu’s response to the senyru yesterday

feeling young romance

even more intensely as

the body grows old

Haiku 5.17

heat turned off – it’s May

burrowed under the blankets

frost across the lawn

Haiku on Friday 5.15

black birds huddling

tilting heads and chattering

neighborhood gossips

Tanka on Tuesday 5.12

bumblebee looping

clumsily between flowers

pausing on each one

your head rests on my shoulder

I smell flowers in your hair

Haiku 5. 11

bright moon not quite full

clouds drifting across its face

the north star calls me

Haiku on Friday 5.8

slipping between sheets

scented of afternoon sun

smooth against a burn


your warm lips brushing

across even warmer skin

ever so gently


even in the dark

as you turn into my kiss

your smile shines brightly

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