resonate – Tanka 1/9/22

guitar strings vibrate
callused fingertips sliding,
pressed to the fretboard

eyes closed, I feel your gaze stroke
the curve of my bottom lip

5.6 tanka

mist brushing my face
fog rolls along the river
your dark eyelashes
thickly beaded with droplets
each refracting the moon’s light

5.5 haiku sonnet

from two yards over
the lawnmower still buzzes
after the sunset

we watch bats swooping
their silent acrobatics
a tango at dusk

the cicadas sing
over our conversation
drowning out the words

I watch your tongue flick
gathering the amber drops
along the smooth rim

we sip tequila slowly
warmed more by heated glances


muted morning light
thunder rumbling far away
rain taps on the roof

the candle flickers
casting your profile shadow
on the bedroom wall

Checkmate 4.21

Your finger taps the bishop
rests a moment, deliberating,
before sliding the queen

your blue eyes
the crinkle at each corner
deepening as you laugh

I test moves
gently touching pieces
looking at other paths

and I return to this
lock eyes with you

Tanka 4.18.21

nearly 2 am
your fingertips trickling
alongside my spine
a low rumble of thunder
rain taps against the window

Tanka 3

the house finch perches

on the blackberry bramble

outside our window

dawn casts his faint shadow on

the pillow beside your face

Senyru 5.21

Reposted from a comment to Jay Bleu’s response to the senyru yesterday

feeling young romance

even more intensely as

the body grows old

Haiku on Friday 5.8

slipping between sheets

scented of afternoon sun

smooth against a burn


your warm lips brushing

across even warmer skin

ever so gently


even in the dark

as you turn into my kiss

your smile shines brightly

A Schrodinger moment

I didnt read yet

the note you left

on the table last week

as you walked out the door,

letting I still love you

faintly waft in with the lilacs

from the neighbor’s yard.


As long as the note

stays unopened,

we stand looking both

ahead at a new beginning

and back at what is no more.

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