Haiku 4.24

under my bare feet
the grass is damp from the dew
full moon shines brightly


Moon’s face peeks shyly

Around fog colored curtains

Hesitant to shine

Haiku 4.15

just a moon sliver

shooting stars illuminate

paths across the night

The lyrid showers are starting next week here.



After a grey day

the clouds parted to reveal

faint dustings of stars

Venus hanging just below

the slender curve of the moon

silver and gold

bare shoulder bathed

in the waning golden sunlight

you turn towards me


I’m blinded by the

sun, your smile, as my face tips

upward for a kiss


your arm anchoring

me to you, rocking on waves

of each sleeping breath


eyelashes casting

lengthy shadows across your

cheek, all tips painted

silver from the gibbous moon

hanging in our sky tonight



we meet first for coffee-
the steam wafting
across your contemplative face,
like evening mist
nearly obscuring the moon.

and I thought of you

the sun breaking through the morning mist
gilded the mountaintop
much like the moonlight dusted
your cheekbones liquid silver
the last time we kissed