muted morning light
thunder rumbling far away
rain taps on the roof

the candle flickers
casting your profile shadow
on the bedroom wall

Tanka 2

One sparrow calling
Sam peabody peabody
Across the silence
Fading of the night
Moon slips past the horizon

Tanka 4.18

I stand at the sink

your hand trailing down my arm

lips brushing my neck

I turn and lean into you

as breakfast begins to burn

Haiku 4.17

ten hungry robins

polka dot the lawn searching

wet grass for breakfast

connecting dots

dawn slips through open

window blinds, painting stripes on

your sunburned shoulder


skin warm against me

I trace the shadowed outlines

of your collarbone


before gliding down

shallow valley of your spine

skin raised in goosebumps


fingertips lightly

drawing Cassiopeia

along your hip’s curve


your freckled constellations

the North Star guiding me home


rain tapping windows

tree limbs’ shadows on the wall

your breath down my spine


a robin staring

at me drinking coffee through

the kitchen window


drifting in grey space 
where night crosses into dawn 

your lips on my neck

the median

the sun
dusts the horizon
pink, gold, lavender

a single star
lingers uncertain
whether to stay

the moon
below the horizon

taillights stay
firmly on the right side
of the road

I sleep
in the middle
of our queen sized bed


faint hint of sunrise
teasing horizon’s dark edge
coaxing night to go

corner of your lips
curving in a sublime smile
begging me to stay

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