pink cherry blossoms
dripping onto the wet grass
mimicking the rain


muted morning light
thunder rumbling far away
rain taps on the roof

the candle flickers
casting your profile shadow
on the bedroom wall

the man in the moon 4.26

I try to believe
that your never uttered words
are the crescent moon

with negative space
closepacked with rocks and water
hidden, trapped inside

depths of the mantle
even though it is often

the smile of the man
in the moon is a cold one
lighting night pathways

but never bringing any
warmth to bask upon your skin


Haiku 4.26

after the cold rain
north wind ruffles the surface
of every puddle

Haiku 4.24

under my bare feet
the grass is damp from the dew
full moon shines brightly

Haiku 4.23.21

temperature dropping
three pine trees silhouetted
against the pale sky

Haiku 4.22

subtly pastel sky
reflecting off sudden frost
slight delay to spring

Checkmate 4.21

Your finger taps the bishop
rests a moment, deliberating,
before sliding the queen

your blue eyes
the crinkle at each corner
deepening as you laugh

I test moves
gently touching pieces
looking at other paths

and I return to this
lock eyes with you

Haiku 4.20

one last scarlet streak
tangent to the horizon
intersects the grey

Haiku 4.19.21

nestled in the grass
seven tiny violets
hiding from the sun

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