tanka 4

against the pale blue

tangerine streaks intersect

dividing the sky

a spring peeper metronome

measures out the brief moment

Tanka 3

the house finch perches

on the blackberry bramble

outside our window

dawn casts his faint shadow on

the pillow beside your face

Tanka 1

Ears barely twitching

Poised under the leafless bush

Our eyes lock quickly

Motionless, barely breathing

Two hops into the sunlight


Snowflakes huddling

Around the yellow stamens

Purple crocuses

Stretching the boundaries

Frosted window pane —
Tracing the constellations
on your bare shoulder

Haiku 4.30

smooth crystal raindrops

strung along spiderweb strands

reflecting blue sky

your cartography

the sun slips past the shade

to paint planes of light and shadow

across sleeping face.


fingertips, a protractor

measuring angles of jawline

of cheekbone

of curve under bottom lip


while navigating blindly

the labyrinth of heart

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