Haiku 11/6

against the deep blue
the faint twinkle of three stars
shine bright in the night

Tanka 4.18.21

nearly 2 am
your fingertips trickling
alongside my spine
a low rumble of thunder
rain taps against the window

Tanka 7.4

on horizon’s edge
night trails her fingertip
painting it scarlet
lowering the windowshade
as she kisses earth goodnight


dawn is still sleeping –
the world tucked away
beyond the outermost reaches
of reality’s fingertips

with last vestiges of dreams
lingering on your lips
you turn to me,
body paralleling mine,
two concentric curves,
lovers traveling together
in the same direction

your warm breath on my neck
bridges night’s barriers
pulling me across
the lonely twilight hours
into the morning sun