I rock on the porch
watching the dark clouds smudging
miles away from me
it’s beginning to rain there
the cold wind carries the scent

5.6 tanka

mist brushing my face
fog rolls along the river
your dark eyelashes
thickly beaded with droplets
each refracting the moon’s light


pink cherry blossoms
dripping onto the wet grass
mimicking the rain


muted morning light
thunder rumbling far away
rain taps on the roof

the candle flickers
casting your profile shadow
on the bedroom wall

Haiku 4.26

after the cold rain
north wind ruffles the surface
of every puddle

Tanka 4.25

puppy scampering
across green rain dampened lawn
wary of puddles
tiny, muddy paw prints prance
across the linoleum

Tanka 4.18.21

nearly 2 am
your fingertips trickling
alongside my spine
a low rumble of thunder
rain taps against the window

Haiku 4.30

smooth crystal raindrops

strung along spiderweb strands

reflecting blue sky

Haiku 4.29

stormy percussion

rimshots against the window

thunder’s low bass drum

rain tanka

dripping from the eaves
remnants of thunderous storm
in the bathroom sink
leaky faucet echoing
reminders of nature’s power

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