Something simmering

chili simmering

outside leaves blanket the grass

Coltrane plays softly

my head rests on your shoulder

we sway then dip for a kiss

Stretching the boundaries

Frosted window pane —
Tracing the constellations
on your bare shoulder

Tanka 6.27

The moonlight spills through

my bedroom window, highlights

the curve of your spine

as you curl away from me

drifting softly into sleep

Senyru 5.21

Reposted from a comment to Jay Bleu’s response to the senyru yesterday

feeling young romance

even more intensely as

the body grows old


Ella softly sings
our feet bathed in the moonlight
you slip off my dress

taste of salt on your lips

Here goes the next round – have fun all! The challenge is posted here ramblingsfromamum so take a peek! Words are river, salt, and book.

patchwork quilt beneath
stretched out across the grass
just beyond mud
along the banks of an almost river

spine bent
the book lay forgotten
as your lips traveled
up mine

then tasting
the salty nape of my neck
beneath the ringlets
heat left there