Corona challenge collab!

Recently Johnny Crabcakes and I were reminiscing about the fun we used to have writing here. Just now Jay Bleu and I were playing with hashtags and it was so much fun.

I would like to host a weekend challenge!

In the comments post a haiku that is centered on onions (traditional or not-senyru or tanka work as well).

Reply to any haiku in the comments that gives you an idea USING A WORD OR THOUGHT FROM THAT HAIKU WITHIN YOURS but your reply doesn’t need to have onions in it!!! Then keep the chain going!

I’ll start in the comments below!

Haiku 4.10

blustery spring wind

dances leaves across the lawn

quickly they are gone


through the window pane

I watch your lips move as you

turn and walk away

Haiku 4.8

just before sunrise

your warm breath on my neck lulls

me back into sleep

Waiting on a rainbow

It’s a dreary day

grey clouds, no sun, cold rain, and

not a word from you