evening’s scarlet eye
captivates my thoughts – pulls them
always beyond the horizon

you beckon me –
red-light, come-hither,
come-back to bed

gibbous moon
inviting exploration
of the darkened edge

faint moonlit sheen
on your hip’s rounded curve –
cleft hidden in shadows

midnight cirrus wisps
scuttle across the sky’s expanse
suddenly visible, then gone

I taste your soft sighs
escaping – like us, a singularity
vaporizing into the night – see literary studies:
“an item or event triggered by an item that results in divergent narratives,
in which the singularity alters the new timeline
away from a prior “default” state”.

On you, being my singularity

scientists have said
black holes exist within our
universe, where time

coexists and gravity
absconds with all light.

early morning, your
skin so luminous, my heart
slows time between beats;

vision narrowing
to the darkness of your eyes –
I am hurdling the

event horizon,
forever falling into you

Johnny Crabcakes “Moon bones” Inspired by something in that first stanza…not sure exactly what, but his poem is WELL worth reading!

PS I know the last line is too many syllables. Oh well. 🙂 I didn’t like it the other way that fit. LOL