Tanka 5.3

early daffodils

crows blanket the soggy grass

mud wells with each step

I walk the hypotenuse

door to driveway to mailbox

Haiku 5.1

pouncing on a worm

the robin pulls heartily

to serve up breakfast

Haiku 4.27

the sun on my face

warm breeze flutters the new leaves

ants in the kitchen

Haiku 4.17

ten hungry robins

polka dot the lawn searching

wet grass for breakfast

Haiku 4.15

just a moon sliver

shooting stars illuminate

paths across the night

The lyrid showers are starting next week here.


Tanka on Tuesday 4.14

after the cold winds

a blanket of onion snow

blue skies overhead

robin on a budding branch

cocks his head curiously

Haiku 4.13

Bitter winds cutting

through layers of warm clothing

Spring in name only


outside my window

two robins building a nest

squirrel runs down the tree


sunlight streaming through

blue sky baking me into

a delightful crisp

can I have a bite?

one crow hops sideways

edging close to the robin

eying up her worm

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