Tanka on Tuesday 5.12

bumblebee looping

clumsily between flowers

pausing on each one

your head rests on my shoulder

I smell flowers in your hair

Tanka on Tuesday 4.14

after the cold winds

a blanket of onion snow

blue skies overhead

robin on a budding branch

cocks his head curiously

Corona challenge collab!

Recently Johnny Crabcakes and I were reminiscing about the fun we used to have writing here. Just now Jay Bleu and I were playing with hashtags and it was so much fun.

I would like to host a weekend challenge!

In the comments post a haiku that is centered on onions (traditional or not-senyru or tanka work as well).

Reply to any haiku in the comments that gives you an idea USING A WORD OR THOUGHT FROM THAT HAIKU WITHIN YOURS but your reply doesn’t need to have onions in it!!! Then keep the chain going!

I’ll start in the comments below!

How a memory lingers?

I sit in moonlight

shadows stretch across the street.

Man walks past the stoop –

cherry pipe smoke trails behind.

It smells of your green sweater.


I fold my laundry,

harshly snapping out wrinkles.

Only one basket.

Your shirt feels soft on my cheek,

but scent no longer remains.