My poem is up on voxpoetica!!

My poem “this poem is not about you” was published today in the “words to linger on” section of voxpoetica.

I’m extremely excited about this! If you would like to see – please click here!!

painting facades

I see 13 tiles
stretching across my ceiling
left to right;

last year in the dead of winter
3 besmirched squares
were covered over by a layer

of clean, white paint.
They still shine happily
in the near darkness

like your night-dimmed face
grinning above me – in return
I faintly smile, eyes drifting

looking over your shoulder
to the painted tiles above,
feeling kinship with the ceiling.

telling me your story

with eyes tightly closed
seeing with my fingertips
your goosebumps my braille


your lips warm pressing
on the coolness of my skin
the imprint lingers


Inspired by slpmartin

what I see

the moonlight kisses                                            
the angles of your face good-night                         
before slipping behind
the close-drawn cloud curtains
leaving your lips untouched

my mouth presses smooth
the  lines softly etched
at the corners of your eyes
as time passes
they still taste of only you

decisions on where

the crows filled my yard last night
just before the sun was sinking
below the horizon’s furthest edge

the unintelligible cacophony
of a thousand beaks cawing-
none appearing to listen to the other

until one lifted off
wheeling over the space and away
the rest following freely

destination unknown, but somehow
knowing that where they were
was not where they were meant to be.

Provoking the thoughts… the Bard
And more about crows:


limbs bare in the morning light
sketched charcoal
as they stretch against
the blush of the waking horizon
Louie croons softly

“It’s a wonderful world”
your lips whisper
against the nape of my neck
your hand gently cups my breast
as vestiges of warm dreams slip away

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