finding a backbone

Leaning into you

your hand travels down my spine

strengthens my resolve


After a grey day

the clouds parted to reveal

faint dustings of stars

Venus hanging just below

the slender curve of the moon

Pondering risks and sacrifice

Some people think storms are terrifying-

the watery fists

pounding against the window,

the booming bass rumbles

suddenly shaking the floor.


I wanted to walk with you

in the storm last night–

marvel in the sweeping greyness

as the front moved through,

the power of the lightning illuminating

in flashes and crackles,

the wet coldness

sinking layers beneath sodden clothing,

feel rain against my skin.


But instead, this morning

I slipped out of bed alone to watch

the quiet aftermath of water

trickling softly along the edges of the street,

puddling, waiting just a moment,

before slipping into grated drains

whisking it all away.


rain tapping windows

tree limbs’ shadows on the wall

your breath down my spine

silver and gold

bare shoulder bathed

in the waning golden sunlight

you turn towards me


I’m blinded by the

sun, your smile, as my face tips

upward for a kiss


your arm anchoring

me to you, rocking on waves

of each sleeping breath


eyelashes casting

lengthy shadows across your

cheek, all tips painted

silver from the gibbous moon

hanging in our sky tonight

Inappropriate humor

a faint twitch wryly

lifts the corner of your mouth

struggle to not smile

Tanka for today

A plethora of

Rain drops racing down the panes

Of every window

We sit inside motionless

Life waiting to move again

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